Traditional Hatha Yoga practice for beginners and intermediate levels, with 0-1 years experience with Yoga asanas. Pranayama, or Yogic breathing techniques are an integral part of this course.

This class is designed for creating relaxation and slowly building strength in the body.

The course ideally requires the students to attend classes for 6-8 weeks regularly to effectively feel the benefits of Yoga practice. Drop in students are welcome, but regular practice is recommended and certainly far more beneficial.  

At the end of the 8 weeks, students will be able to practice a set series of asanas and some of the Yogic breathing exercises by themselves. 

Cues and support will be offered to modify the postures according to individual needs of practitioners. Students can also make use of our little library at the center to enhance knowledge of Yoga philosophy and asana as well as pranayama practice.


1 Class: 28 CHF -. 

10 classes Abo.: 250 CHF-.

Students and Unemployed Yogis can contact us for special price