What is Aroga ?

Aroga is the source of energy, balance and inner peace. AROGA stands for the consciousness that accepting Oneness is ultimate path to bliss.  When one sees and practices this, the ultimate Yoga (union) happens within us. 

Aroga is tradition and modernity at the same time. Our school is the amalgam of the lineage of knowledge from the Vedic period, Patanjali's Yoga sutras and the evolution of Gorakh Nath's Hatha Yoga, a school that stresses mastery of body, to the message of Oneness of Guru Nanak and Yoga as a practice to be earned through 'Jap' and 'Tap'. We connect those dots. In each of us resides a student and a teacher and it is with this trust, that we invite you to connect with us, share with us, and learn from and teach us at the same time.

We can be found in the mountains, by the sea-side and in your hearts.