Ravensburg, Germany

Being in Oneness: A day of experiencing the joy and beauty of our being

Enjoy a day of self-indulgence in the beautiful and welcoming house in the city of Ravensburg. Open your hearts for reflection and action, discovering the relevance of the theme -  ‘Chardi Kala’,meaning a mental state of optimism and joy. The day starts with breathing exercises (pranayama) and followed by physical exercises (asanas). Explore an interesting cultural activity of ‘Bhangra Dance’ originating from Punjab in North of India. Refreshments for all participants during the day include healthy Indian lassi in various flavors, chai and coffee along with little somethings to munch.

Sunday, 24.Sept 2017 (09:30 – 17:30 hrs)

Price: 75 Euros


Christel Joy Kluth, German – is a Coach and Qualified Nature and Mountain Hiking guide. She works with energy elements and runs her own company T.Y.E www.touchyourenergy.com  

 Gurdeepak Singh Khalsa, Indian – is a qualified Yoga Teacher and hobbyist mountaineer. He grew up with the life philosophy of ‘Ik Onkar’, meaning everything comes from and goes into ‘One’.