Creating a daily routine: with Ayurveda, Breath regulation & Movement

Creating a daily routine: with Ayurveda, Breath regulation & Movement

Creating a daily routine:
with Ayurveda, Breath regulation & Movement

Workshop for creating Stability & Relaxation in daily lives by using traditional ayurvedic practices, breathing regulation and body movement

From the time we wake up in the morning to the time we go in bed, some daily habits help us find more grounding and stability in our everyday lives. As our daily routines have become demanding on our mind, body and soul, we often find ourselves having to deal with a state of fatigued decision making.

By early afternoon in the day, we could find ourselves with increased tensioning of muscles and sometimes dissatisfied with existing means to address our fatigue. Deeper methods of addressing these exist by creating a daily ritual through:

  • Ayurvedic practices (cleaning nasal passages & mouth, gum massage, self facial-massage with oil)
  • Pranayama (correct breathing techniques & understanding impact on nervous and respiratory systems)
  • Asana practice (movement for the body)


This workshop is for all the people interested in creating a ritual to find stability & relaxation in daily lives for themselves. It requires no previous knowledge or practice of Yoga & Ayurveda.

LOCATION: Zentweg 17a, 3006 Bern

LANGUAGE: English (with clarifications offered in German happily :)

PRICE: 80 CHF -. (including nasal cleaning pot and vegetarian lunch with a drink.  Students and unemployed can contact for a discounted price).

For details on curriculum and registration, please contact us   I   +41 (0) 76 237 59 84

Mantra Singing - An evening for the soul

Mantra Singing - An evening for the soul

Words sung with the deepest positive intentions become Mantras. These vibrations from singing connect us in the 'here and now', through our breathing - touching our hearts and soul in stillness and awareness. 

On this special evening, the philosophy of each mantra shall be explained before singing it together. 

Let us celebrate the beginning of the new year 2017 with these positive vibrations in a beautiful community.   

International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga

21.June 2018

at Bern 

A lovely opportunity to come and be a part of the Yoga community of Bern. The program starts with common asana practice followed by cultural events and individual schools of Yoga presenting own programs. 

Besides this there will be stalls with Indian food and snacks to order. 

There is no participation fee. Interested? kindly contact us at or +41 76 237 59 84

Yoga Festival Switzerland

Yoga Festival Switzerland

Aroga Yoga comes together with at the Yoga Festival Switzerland in 2018. 

The festival takes place over 4 days in the beautiful mountain setting in Kiental in the Bernese Oberland region. If you love nature and want to laugh and practice asanas, discuss yogic philosophy and listen to amazing Kirtan, this festival is for you.  

More details can be found here.

photos courtesy: Stefan Geisse / 

Yogic Trek in the Himalayas

Yogic Trek in the Himalayas

Tapovan in Gangotri is the source of the holy Ganges river. The place can be traced for its sanctity for the Yogis who would travel here & meditate. Through this trek we live the yogic philosophy of ‘Jap’, meditativeness & ‘Tap’ , discipline.

We walk the steps that many yogis have walked before in time, undertaking this journey outside,  as we explore the stillness & oneness on our inside. Through the filters of philosophy of yoga and every step with awareness, we will have the opportunity to reflect about the places we visit, where we stand in time, what our larger purpose is and where do we aim reach after all. 

Each one of us in our lives has the desire to feel complete, a sort of wholeness. Come, explore with us!