Highlights of the trip

  • Yoga practice in the famous Lodhi Gardens of Delhi
  • Living in the premises of the Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) in Amritsar and volunteer service for community kitchen. Participate in daily rituals of prayers and meditation
  • Learn the famous North-Indian Bhangra, a harvest festival dance
  • Visit the famous Baijnath & Brajeshwari Temples in Himachal Pradesh
  • Stay in the Buddhist Monastery and participate in daily rituals of prayers and meditation
  • Visit the Taj Mahal  (Unesco World Heritage site) in Agra


Price : EUR 2990-. 

inkl 14 over-night accommodation with breakfast, travel in India in a private bus, flight from Dharamsala to Delhi, 1 evening training in traditional Punjabi Bhangra Dance with dress to keep as gift, Photos of the travel as well as 'Welcome' and 'Goodbye' dinner.  


27. Oktober - 10. November 2017

INDIA is a land of variety, a rainbow with so many different colours coming together in harmony. Come and be a part of this variety and discover this Eastern culture and various sub-cultures with its food, languages, lifestyles and co-existence of various religions.

When something touches us deep inside, we call it spiritual.

Be a part of this journey where we explore the country but also explore ourselves in the process. From the Old town of Delhi to the Holiest of Sikh Shrines, Golden Temple in Amritsar. Around 100'000 people, of all religions, castes and classes and countries are fed there everyday in the Langar (Community Kitchen). Be a part of the service to humanity by volunteering to work in one of the largest kitchen helping in serving meals.  

Another major highlight of the journey is the visit the famous ancient Hindu Temple and stay in the Buddhist Monastery in the Himalayan town of McLeod Ganj in Dharmsala, the exile residence of Dalai Lama. 

Day-wise plan

27. Oktober - 10. November 2017

DAY 1- 27.10.2017 Arrive New Delhi in the HOTEL. Evening welcome dinner 

DAY 2- 28.10.2017 Yoga in the morning at Lodhi Gardens. New Delhi Breakfast Welcome -sight seeing New Delhi market etc.

DAY 3- 29.10.2017 Start to drive to Chandigarh c.a.5 -6 hours

BHANGRA dancing in traditional dresses followed by Dinner. Sleep in Hotel or private Bungalow.

DAY 4- 30.10.2017 Yoga in the morning. From Chandigarh drive to Amritsar c.a. 4 hours. Sleep in Hotel near Gurdwara (Sikh Temple)

DAY 5 & 6-  31.10-.01.11.2017 in Amritsar

we sleep 3 nights here.

Day activities include roaming around for feel the place, sit and meditate at the pond (sarovar) and service in kitchen. Visit Gurdwara for praying and witnessing daily rituals. 

Day 7-  02.11.2017 from Amritsar drive to McLeod Ganj near Dharamsala

start from Amritsar early

sleep 3 nights in DIP TSE CHOK LING Monastery

DAY 8 & 9 - 03. -04.11.2017 Morning Yoga session & Meditation with the monks. Discover the rituals of the monastery and sleep in the Monastery 

Day 10 - 05.11.2017 discover the art and culture of Tibetians in Dharamsala. Sleep in the beautiful Chonor House (Tibetian Art Hotel) 

DAY 11- 06.11.2017 discover Dharamsala. Visit to the Tibetian Children's Village and sleep in Chonor House (Tibetian Art Hotel)  

DAY 12- 07.11.2016 Flight from Dharamsala to Delhi 

Drive to Agra city (Taj Mahal) on the same day of, sleep there 1 night  in the beautiful Grand Imperial Hotel Agra

Day 13- 08.11.2016 visit the Taj Mahal  and Fatehpur Sikri early in the morning. Yoga session in the Gardens in the evening. Time to relax.

DAY 14- 09.11.2016  Return to Delhi. On the way, visit Akshardham Temple. 

Goodbye dinner evening with the group.

DAY 15- 10.11.2016 Ends 12 p.m. Return Flight

OPTION 2 : 27.10.-14.11.2017 (19 Days/ 18 Nights )


Extra Price : Single room 900.- Euro / Doubleroom 750.- Euro

incl: 4 extra Nights , 2 Inland Flights , Taxi , Boat trips and Goodbye Dinner

DAY 16 - 10.11.2017 - Flight from Delhi to Udaipur 

Overnight in a wonderful Hotel in Udaipur

DAY 17 -  11. -12.11.2017 - Activities in Udaipur. exploring the local art and culture. Overnight in a wonderful Hotel in Udaipur

DAY 18 -  13.11.2017 - Flight from Udaipur to Delhi

Overnight in Delhi and goodbye dinner together.

DAY 19 - 14.11.2017 - End of trip. from 12:00 hrs departures


*Changes are possible to the trip !