"Yoga for Bikers" in Bern, Switzerland 

Prepare yourselves for the biking season in a new way. Yoga for Biker workshop will highlight the importance of Yoga as

– a pre training tool for conditioning

– increasing effectiveness of training and improving performance on the bike (athletes; hobbyists), and,

– help in prevention of injuries & recovery from injuries

Through practice of certain yoga asanas (postures) we can achieve long term benefits of musco-skeletal movement that balances strength & flexibility. Besides that, focus will also be on breath regulation & benefits that can be directly transferred from our Yoga practice to Biking.

What you can expect at the event:

  • Short introduction to the physiology of bikers and impact on body 
  • Learn & practice asanas (postures) where bikers can benefit 
  • Learn & practice certain yogic breathing techniques helpful for bikers 
  • Have fun sharing ideas in a biking community

Price: CHF 50 -.

Please get in touch with us via info@aroga.ch to participate in the workshop. 




Clothing: www.maloja.de