This workshop brings two philosophies in interaction; that apply meditativeness even in the most difficult of situations. Training our senses to be awake and aware, reflexes to be internalized and responses to be balanced in all that is happening in our immediate environment, through:

  • Yogic breathing philosophy & Practice (learning breathing technique, cleansing techniques & understanding impact on nervous and respiratory systems)

  • Self-defense philosophy & Practice (exercises & techniques and its correlation with Marma knowledge of Ayurveda)


DATE & LOCATION: 08 April 2017, Saturday (09:00 - 13:00 hrs.), at Zentweg 17a, 3006 Bern, followed by lunch.

PRICE: CHF 125 -. (incl. lunch, course material). Students, unemployed persons and Kulturlegi can contact for a reduced price. Neti pots cost extra 8-. OR bring your own.

Register with:

Gurdeepak Singh |  | m: +41 (0)76 237 59 84 |


Adrian Zingg (Sifu) | | m: +41 (0)79 378 03 51 |

About Adrian Zingg: Founder and director of the Shaolin Arts School, which is part of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute. Sifu Adrian Zingg began his training of the Shaolin Arts in 2004 with Grandmaster Wong Kiev Kit and has been devoting himself to these arts through intensive training and worldwide further education.
In 2011 he accepted the appointment as an instructor and Sifu with the aim of empowering people through martial arts to master their lives with all the challenges of health and joy.
Since then, he has been leading the Shaolin Arts School successfully and professionally with respect and compassion towards his students.